Of course no one’s on the card aisle…

A few weeks ago Dustin and I were in Wal-Mart getting groceries. It was the weekend so every housewife and college student in Central Florida were in there getting whatever they needed to survive the next week. Life can be hectic, huh?

The store was literally filled wall to wall with people. Here we are pushing our buggy with a squeaky wheel, squeezing through groups of teenagers and mothers with screaming babies and then it happens… “FINALLY,” I declare. It was like finding water in a desert. There she was, beautiful, long and most importantly empty. An empty aisle. Hallelujah.

Upon further inspection I quickly learned why the aisle was empty… because it was the card aisle. NO ONE SENDS CARDS ANYMORE!

I mean, can you remember the last time you actually took the time to write in a card and send it via the U.S. Postal Service? No? Me either. In fact, if it weren’t for my FMIL (Future Mother-in-Law) I wouldn’t be able to tell you the last time I remember GETTING a card.

I mean people don’t even really remember birthdays or anniversaries anymore. It’s like, “oh look, Facebook says it’s John Smith’s birthday.” *click click click* “HBD to my BFF John!” …”Like!”

Really people? Thank the Lord for Facebook or no one would have remembered poor John Smith’s birthday.

So you’re probably wondering why it even matters. I understand that everyone is busy, busy, busy and Facebook makes tasks like wishing someone a happy birthday easy and most importantly, quick. It literally takes 3 seconds. My problem with it is that it seems like there’s a lack of sincerity in situations like these. I feel like we might as well say “HBD John, I’m 2 busy 2 rite N a crd. Lol.” I personally would so much rather get a card than a Facebook post, at least from my close friends and relatives. I obviously don’t expect all 200 and something of my Facebook friends to send me birthday cards. Cards are tangible. You can touch them, read them, display them on your mantle, put them in a box and the best part is that 45 years from now YOU WILL STILL HAVE THAT CARD THAT YOU CAN LOOK BACK ON! How awesome is that?! I have a whole box of cards that I got from people before cards were “soooo 2007.” I love to look back on them. There are even cards from people who have since passed away and that’s really special to me. Facebook and text messages are great and efficient, but if you really want to show someone how much you care go out and buy them a card, write in it, and mail it to them. They’ll be surprised and feel really special! (Remember, they probably haven’t received a card in forever!)

Next time you know someone with a birthday, anniversary, new baby or whatever the occasion may be consider going out and getting a card. It means so much more.

Have a good Labor Day Weekend!


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