Saturday Inspiration

“I pray every day,but I don’t go to God asking for a million things like, “Lord, let me hit the lottery” or “God, please let me sell a million albums.” It’s not about that. When I speak to God, it’s a release of my soul. Some mornings, I will lie in my bed and just start talking to God as if He were in the room with me–and of course, He is.

When I am along in nature, in my tub, or in my bed waking up in the morning, that’s my time with God, when I have my personal conversation with Him. And He answers me, through other people, through events. I have faith that God exists, and I never question it. It is one of the few guarantees in my life.”
-Queen Latifa

Happy Saturday! :) This weekend try to have some personal time with God during your every day life.


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