Our God is Greater (From One7 Blog)

This is so well written and an incredible example of God’s love. Prayers to the men and women involved in One7.

Chris Martin Writes

Here is a post I published on the One7 Blog today. We found out this morning that the father of two boys who live with staff at the One7 apartments, was killed in Mexico. David, the founder of One7, had to break the news to them this morning. They are really having a hard time as you can imagine. It seems like One7 is really under attack right now. Spiritually, financially, and physically. We would greatly appreciate your prayers.

Our God is Greater.

Pain. It’s an ever present part of life for some people, maybe even for most. Physical pain, emotional pain, spiritual pain. There are all types and versions, and none of us are immune to its presence.

At One7, we see and experience pain on a regular, almost daily, basis. We work with youth from multiple origins, backgrounds, religious beliefs, and home situations. We are all broken, but…

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