Vocal Play?


As you guys know from my last post, last night I went and saw Michael Bublè in Tampa. Honestly, that is the best concert I have ever been to! When Dustin first told me we were going I wasn’t sure if I was excited or not simply because I only knew a couple Bublè songs, I wouldn’t have called myself a serious fan.

Last night though, changed all of that.

If you ever get the opportunity to go see Michael Bublè, GO!

He’s a really humble and mega talented guy. To end his show he took off his microphone, his band quit playing and he belted out a song a capella. The entire arena could hear him perfectly. That’s talent. You will not be disappointed. :)

& I can’t write a post about last night without mentioning Naturally 7. They’re a seven man group that preforms using only their voices. Its not a capella per se because a capella is “singing with no instruments.” Naturally 7 creates a full band including piano, drums, guitars, bass, etc. using only their God-given voices. They’re incredible. I think the thing I love most is that they aren’t afraid to voice their love for God. At the end of their set they ended it all with “and most importantly, God bless you.” The audience errupted. It’s a beautiful thing when such influential people give all the credit to our Savior.

Naturally 7, God bless all of YOU! 

After the show I met all of the guys from N7 and, as I assumed they would be, they were all super sweet and friendly! I was totally fangirling all night long, I even got a tweet out of them. ;)



Make sure you check out this video of them performing. Just hearing them doesn’t do them justice. You have to physically see them and see that their hands are empty of any instruments.

Have a lovely Saturday!


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