Humble Yourselves!

It’s day three of NaBloPoMo and so far so good! :)

Today I feel really compelled to write about serving others. Because not only was I slapped in the face with a reality check today but my Bible plan for the day was about serving others.

Isn’t it amazing how God will make specific things happen in your life and have certain events line up until you get the message he’s trying to send? I think its awesome.

Matthew 23:11-12 (NLT) says:

“The greatest among you must be a servant.  But those who exalt themselves will be humbled, and those who humble themselves will be exalted.”

My Bible Plan today said: “Jesus challenged society’s norms. To him, greatness comes from serving-giving of yourself to help God and others. Service keeps us aware of others’ needs, and it stops us from focusing only on ourselves. Jesus came as a servant. What kind of greatness do you seek?”

I know we all have our fair share of problems. Big problems. But is it possible that maybe, just maybe, you’re making your problem a little bigger than it really is?

Now, don’t leave my blog. I’m not trying to say your problems are insignificant. I feel for all of you, I really truly do.

“But Claire, you don’t know what I’m going through..”

You’re right, I don’t. But I know everyone’s usually going through something. And right now (and for the past several months) I’ve been going through something most 20 year olds probably don’t even think about. So I do get it.

But I digress.

Now for that slap in the face I was talking about…

I can’t give specifics because I don’t want anyone to find this who knows the guy I’m about to tell you about. I think it may just hurt his feelings if it got back to him. Anyway, there’s a guy out there who has been wearing women’s capri pants all week. This guy needed some pants and cheap because it’s starting to get cold. He found these for $1 and bought them, then later realized they were women’s and they don’t even cover his ankles. But now its said and done and that’s what he has so that’s what he wears.

That was my slap in the face.

I wake up every morning in my big warm bed. I don’t even know if this man actually has a place to sleep.

I eat more than enough. Does this guy?

When its chilly outside I have an array of jackets, sweaters, jeans and sweatpants to choose from. He has–as far as I know–one pair of pants that don’t even fit properly.

Suddenly my problems start to dim in comparison to the problems of those around me.

I mean, yeah I’m going through quite a bit compared to my 20 year old peers, but at least I have a warm home full of clothes, food and love.

I have it made in the shade compared to others.

I’m done spending my time feeling bad for myself and being caught up in my own issues.

Its time to get humble. All of us.

Its time to open our eyes to the people around us and do whatever we can possibly do for OTHERS. No judgements, no excuses, just pure helpfulness.

That’s what God has called us to do after all. Feed the hungry. Clothe the poor. Help the needy. What an amazing way to show the world what God’s love is really about!

Humble yourselves.

Go help someone who needs help in any way you can. They will be so grateful.

Happy Sunday, readers.
Have an amazing week. :)


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