Simply Delightful Little Things

Oh, simple pleasures how I love you!
Simple pleasures are those simple little everyday things that are just general occurrences to some people but give you a feeling of absolute delight.

I think it’s an important thing for all people to find those pleasures in their own lives so that they can more fully enjoy them. It doesn’t matter what race or religion you are, what your social status is or what anyone thinks of what makes you happy. Everyone should completely embrace the things that bring them joy.

Here are some of my simple pleasures:

1. The smell that the heater has when you turn it on for the first time in the fall.
2. My plants surviving.
3. Christmas decorations going up in stores.
4. Longggg drives.
5. Being outside surrounded by nature.
6. New episodes of my favorite TV shows.
7. The smell of Tennessee air. (This is like, at the very very top of my list actually if I were putting them in order.)
8. Sunshine in my hair.
9. Full moons.
10. Anything that has to do with owls.
11. Finding good deals on new books.
12. Disney movies.
13. Taking pictures from different perspectives.
14. Organizing things to make life easier.
15. Spending time with my family.
16. Getting suddenly inspired.
17. Getting new comments, likes and followers on my blog.
18. Being ahead of the game (this pretty much never happens.)
19. Chatting with God.
20. Walking around barefoot. (I don’t get to do this one much anymore because our yard is like sandspur city for some reason… If any of you know what I can do about that leave it in the comments! Haha!)
21. The smell of black coffee. NOT the taste of black coffee, just the aroma of it.

When I first started making this list getting to number 10 was kind of hard. Once I got the ideas flowing though and started thinking of what truly makes me happy I was able to come up with a lot of things.

It’s important to remember that God should get the credit for all of these little things he has placed in our lives that make us soooo happy. Thank Him for the simple pleasures that you enjoy. :)

That’s it for day 6 of NaBloPoMo!
What are the little things that make you happy? I’d love to hear about them! Leave them in the comments below!


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