Fall in Michigan



9 thoughts on “Fall in Michigan

      1. I’m one state above you! I’m originally from Washington State… The autumn up there looks similar to your pictures, but with mountains. ;)

      2. Yep! I’m still pretty new to the area though, haha.
        Mountains are my home, plain and simple. :) Do you prefer Florida or Michigan so far?

      3. Both of them have their pros. I’m born and raised in Florida so it’s always in my heart. However, I love how Michigan has an actual fall and I love the character of the small towns there. :)

        I thought you lived somewhere in the south because when you wrote the post about your purse contents I saw a Bealls bag in the picture and I think those stores are only in southern states! Hahaha, I love that store!

      4. I hear ya’. Mid-state Washington has my heart, but Georgia’s growing on me. :)

        Haha, I don’t remember that store.. Then again, I don’t go shopping much. I’ve been in the South for a while; I moved first to Arizona then to Georgia. I’d like to head back North, but I don’t think that will be happening for a while.

      5. I just realized the purse contents post that I mentioned earlier to you was actually done by another blogger on a different blog. For some reason I got it confused with yours! I feel dumb and I’m sure you were like, “what the heck is she talking about!” Lol, sorry!

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