I am in love with this time of year

I’ve just recently started getting into the holiday spirit. By “just recently” I mean last night. I’ve DVR’d at least five Christmas movies so far and today I made Apple Cinnamon Pork Loin in the slow cooker as well as Pecan Bars. There are a lot of things I like about the holiday season; the smells, the food, the movies, the decorations, the sales… But more important than all of that, it’s a time of year where we are reminded of the importance of family, love and togetherness. 

I wish all year could be like Christmas time. We spend the whole year being caught up in our own daily routines and forgetting about what really matters in life; Christmas is a time where people take a step back and really, truly and fully enjoy all that God has blessed us with. We gather together with friends, family and loved ones and celebrate the birth of our Savior and the love He has filled our lives with. It seems like no matter how hard of a time people are having in the personal lives, Christmas is a time when they can stop feeling helpless and just feel loved. Everyone is so nice at Christmas, so kind, so giving… 

I hope you guys are enjoying this magical time of year. I pray that not only will you enjoy the season right now, but carry the love of the Christmas season with you into 2014. 


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