I Am Second — Roberston Family

Do you guys watch Duck Dynasty? My family and I love the show and never miss an episode. It’s not just the beards and jokes we adore so much, it’s the values. It’s the prayer at the end of every episode. It’s the love of Jesus and family that draws us to the show every Wednesday night. 

I admire the fact that they aren’t ashamed of their love for Jesus Christ. They want to tell everyone about Him and what He has done in their lives. 
If you have ever read the book “Happy, Happy, Happy” by Phil Robertson then you already know that life hasn’t always been easy for the Robertsons. Between sex, drugs, parties and rock and roll there wasn’t always much room for Jesus in Phil’s life. The same goes for most of his boys: sex, drugs, party, sleep, start over. 

You wouldn’t think that seeing them today. That just goes to show how Jesus loves us. We mess up and we sin against Him in great ways, but He doesn’t ever stop loving us. He never stops wanting us. No matter how far you’ve fallen, no matter how many times you’ve messed up, you’re never too far gone for God to reach you. 

I’m super excited to let you guys know that The Roberston’s have teamed up with I Am Second to make a very personal video of their struggles and Jesus’ triumphs in their lives. You don’t want to miss this one, it airs on November 21st! Here’s a trailer for now… :) 

P.S. I Am Second also now has camo merchandise. Christmas list? 



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