This Must See Has Been Released Early!!

Yesterday I shared the trailer to the newest I  Am Second Video about the Robertson family. It was due to release on November 21st. But lucky for us it was released today! I was so excited to come home from class tonight to this awesome surprise! The video features Phil, Mrs. Kay, Jep and Reed Robertson. They all have amazing stories that they share here. 

I think the thing with the Robertson family is that people watch their show and think “wow, these people really have their lives together.” Something that a lot of us feel like we do not have. I think people look at the Robertsons and think “I bet these people have never spent a second away from the Lord.” The truth is however that we have all spent time away from our Lord at some point in time or another. Unfortunately. 

The good news is that, God always loves us. He loves us when we’re doing our very best and He loves us when we’ve hit rock bottom. Nothing we can do can make Him love us less. No matter how far we fall, no matter how much time we spend “away” He will always be there waiting and WANTING us to come back to Him. 

I think the Robertsons can say it better than I can. 

Please watch this, you won’t regret it. :)


I’d love to hear your thoughts on the video in my comments! Let’s chat!


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