The Little Drummer Boy Was Right

I love Christmas songs; ever since they started playing them on the radio a couple of weeks ago it has been the only station on in our truck.

One dark and not-so-chilly Florida night I was heading home from class, blaring my Christmas music and sipping on my caramel mocha, praying I didn’t hit a deer when one of my all-time favorite Christmas carols came on, The Little Drummer Boy.

Sometimes I’ll know a songs lyrics by heart for years but won’t actually get the message until I stop and actively listen to it, in other words think while I listen.

That’s what happened between me and the Little Drummer Boy.

I was actively listening to the song when I heard this lyric: “I have no gift to bring, that’s fit to give a King.”

Wow. How true is that? Not just for me but for all of us.

Not only do I lack a gift that is worthy enough to give Jesus, but I myself am not worthy of His love.

I fail miserably every day. I’m constantly messing up, constantly picking up pieces. Every night it seems like there’s something I’m asking God to forgive me for.

But there’s beauty (God’s love) in the brokenness (that’d be us).

Even the Little Drummer Boy says in the song that Baby Jesus smiled at him.

The lesson we can learn here is that although none of us are really worthy of all the love Jesus has freely poured out on us due to our humanly mistakes, we can still rest assured that He loves us with a love that is unbreakable. There is no mistake you or I can make that is big enough to make Him quit loving you.

You’re going to screw up in life. Often. But don’t beat yourself up over it, Jesus knows your heart and loves you despite your flaws. Take comfort in that thought.

Love God. Love others. &Have a great week.


3 thoughts on “The Little Drummer Boy Was Right

  1. I like to think that God made me as I am for a reason so I’m resting in that belief. Yeah, there are times when I feel bad for what I’ve done, but I figure it’s a lesson and try to grow from it.

    As an aside, I can relate about praying not to hit a deer. I like to take the back roads and I almost always use cruise control. About a week ago coming home from another town in broad daylight, for some reason I tapped the brakes to take the cruise control off. A few seconds later a big doe ran right in front of me and just as her hind quarters were going to get hit in front on my side, she gave an extra power leap and cleared the bumper. If it was by more than an inch, I’d be surprised. I just thanked God all the way home.

    1. I think that’s the point with our mistakes, learning from them. It’s almost as if they’re a blessing in disguise.

      And as for your deer experience, amen that was definitely God with you! There are deer all over the road that I have to take to class. Its completely normal to see 20 deer just standing alongside the road on my way. Its crazy!

      Thanks for reading! God bless you!

  2. Wow, that’s a lot of deer! I pray God always keeps you and them apart.

    Thank you for the blessing. I’ll take all of them I can get. And may God bless you and your loved ones as well.

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