The View on 23rd Avenue

Credit Google Images
Credit Google Images

To my left there are two women smiling and laughing together as they each do their own laundry. The son of one of the women keeps popping in and out of the laundry mat to tell his “momma!” something.

Next door, directly in front of me, there’s an older gentleman in a clock shop. He hasn’t smiled once. He’s just standing in the back of the room, surrounded by time pieces, staring blankly ahead. He locked his doors fifteen minutes ago but his open sign is still lit.

Next to that there’s a lovely little restaurant. I’ve never heard of it before but its very dimly lit making it look incredibly romantic.  The little tables outside have fresh flowers atop them. There’s a young attractive man who has been working on the door closer for about 20 minutes.

Next door to that, to my right, there is a large pawn shop. It’s the busiest of all the businesses. People bustling in and out, some go in with their hands full and pockets empty and leave with their hands free and pockets bulging. For others, its just the opposite, empty hands become full and stuffed pockets deplete.

So many people. So many stories. So many different lives. All happening at the same time, right here on 23rd Avenue.


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