Focus on Being a Blessing


When you focus on being a blessing, God makes sure that you are always blessed in abundance. -Joel Osteen

Far too often our society, me included, focuses more on what we need personally than the needs of our neighbors. We get so caught up in constantly praying for what we “need” and all the while we’re ignoring people that we pass by daily whom could really use a helping hand, of which we have two.

Make it your goal every day to help someone. Anyone. A stranger, a friend, a family member. God sees what you’re doing and you will be rewarded for your good works. God called us to love Him and love others; we should be clothing the poor, helping the needy and feeding the hungry. It’s fine to keep praying about your own needs, but do it with a heart that longs to help others rather than a heart that longs to help yourself.

Be a blessing and be blessed. : )


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