Help Gabriel Morris!


I was going to do the 2nd Day of Christmas today, however I find this much more important. 

Gabriel Morris is an 8 year old little boy whose parents work for my fiance. About a month ago Gabriel was in school when his teachers noticed a lump on his neck. He was sent home from school immediately and after numerous trips to the hospital everyone’s worst fears were confirmed, right before Thanksgiving, Gabriel was diagnosed with Thyroid Cancer. Gabriel underwent an 8 hour surgery to have his thyroid removed and he is now going through radiation. However, before Gabriel can get his next treatment on December 14, the family has to come up with $2,000. 

I know that funds are tight for all of us this time of year but even if you can only make a small donation it is greatly appreciated by this hardworking family.

If you are unable to donate please just keep this family in your prayers over the holiday season & hold your loved ones close. 

Please “Like” and “Share” the Help Gabriel Morris Facebook page here: http://www.facebook.com/HelpGabriel

You can make checks payable to Joshua Morris and mail them to:

Joshua Morris
c/o Gabriel Morris
336 NE 400th Avenue
Old Town, FL 32680


Or you can also donate via PayPal using the email address: helpgabrielmorris@gmail.com

I pray you and your loved ones have a wonderful week! 



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