How Will You Top It Off? {Giveaway Alert!!}

Maybe with Duck Dynasty? Footballs? Team Spirit Wear? Thing 1 or 2? Ninja Turtles? An Owl? Angry Birds? Maybe with your own name? How about a Hershey Kiss? Or you could get in the Christmas spirit with a reindeer!

There are so many wonderful choices but in the end it doesn’t matter what you want to top your children off with, what matters is that you do it. Just Top It Off.


Top It Off is a small business that specializes in crochet hats for young boys and girls. But that’s not all they do. At Top It Off you can get hair bows, tutus, dresses and from what I’ve been told there are plans of new merchandise coming in the near future!
(A bow tie on a baby? Yes!  And I KNOW you guys want a crochet hat for your furry pals!)

Top It Off is fully owned and operated by busy wife and mother, Mrs. Emmy Speegle. Emmy says her husband, Justin, is her “greatest supporter” and her 1 year old  son, Asher, is “the cutest model for [her] hats.” (Awhhhh!)

When Emmy’s son was born she was in search of inspiration for unique baby pictures, she fell absolutely in love with all the pictures where a newborn was wearing an adorable themed crochet hat. However, when Emmy looked into buying crochet hats for her son she was unsatisfied with how expensive they were.

I think we’ve all ran into that issue with online small businesses. When I had my own craft business on Etsy, I was always shocked at how high people were marking up their products when I knew I could go buy the stuff and make it myself for a tenth of their price.

So that’s exactly what Emmy decided to do. She went out, bought the materials to crochet and taught herself to make hats for her son.
It started with hats for her son, then grew to hats for her friends’ babies. People quickly started noticing and falling in love with the handmade headwear and so began Top It Off.

Emmy says she greatly enjoys what she’s doing because it allows her to be a stay at home mom and be there for her son no matter what.

I asked Emmy what the most unique hat she had ever made was and she told me that she once spent 3 days working on a hat that resembled a blue ringed octopus. (I think that proves she can pretty much make ANYTHING you desire). She says her favorite hat that she’s ever made is her son’s aviator hat (pictured).

Asher in his Aviator Hat! How stinkin’ cute?!

When visiting Top It Off’s Facebook page you will fall into a state of love (kind of like the feeling you got when you first discovered Pinterest…) as you view pictures of colorful, unique and fun hats and hair bows she has already made. All of them are equally adorable so get ready to have a tough choice on your hands! You also have the option to place a custom order with Top It Off. Remember, she did a blue ringed octopus hat. Knowing that I’m sure she can make whatever you come up with!  She can make her products in ALL sizes, crochet hats aren’t just for toddlers! I’m personally considering getting an owl hat for myself. ;)

The turnaround time for Top It Off products is quick so you STILL HAVE TIME to go do some Christmas shopping!

You can find Top It Off on Facebook here: Facebook.com/2013topitoff

You can place your orders through the Top It Off facebook page or by contacting Emmy personally at 1-503-791-8103.

Happy Shopping!

Top It Off has kindly given Pray Eat Create this adorable Christmas dress to be given away to one of our lucky followers!
To join in on the giveaway all you have to do is
1. Go to my Facebook page facebook.com/prayeatcreate
2. Like and Share the Picture of the Top It Off Outfit

I will randomly choose a winner on Sunday night and announce them immediately!

Good Luck!

DSCN7063 DSCN7064 DSCN7067 DSCN7071


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