Everyone else is sharing their opinion on this, here’s mine…


This happened at a perfect time in my life. Because of an internal battle I was recently having with myself, I am now properly and confidently equipped to take my stance in this battle. For the past several days I’ve been asking myself this: “As a Christian, I know homosexuality is against my faith as are several other lifestyle choices. How do I show love to the people whose lifestyle I disagree with?”

I recently found my answer, which lies in this phrase: “Judge the sin, not the sinner. ”

I love Duck Dynasty. I love the Robertsons, I love the family values they encourage and I love the God that they glorify. It makes me so happy to see their television show booming and every time I see a product in a store that has been Robertson-styled (nail files, nail polish, bedroom slippers, throws, bedding, hair bows, sleepwear, games, slingshots, etc, etc, etc) I gleam with happiness because do you know what that explosion of gear means? It means there is a lot of demand for it. Do you know what that means? It means that there are tons of people out there who support this show and family. Do you know what THAT means? It means tons of Americans are getting AT LEAST a weekly dose of family values, wholesome humor AND, most importantly, Christian morals. And the fact that there’s a demand for the Duck Dynasty gear means that THEY ARE ENJOYING THAT WEEKLY DOSE OF GOODNESS.

So what is the problem here? The founder of Duck Commander said he didn’t agree with a homosexual lifestyles and he called it a sin?

Oh. Okay…

Uhm, let me be very blunt and clear here-and I’m sure a lot of people will disagree but I have the Bible backing me up-homosexuality IS A SIN.

It is. It’s a sin.

But you know what? So is lying, stealing, cheating, gluttony, greed, lust, pride, addiction and a ton of other things. Sin is something everyone does. I do it. You do it. Your preacher does it. WE ALL DO IT. It’s inevitable. I sin daily, intentionally and unintentionally. I mess up! Thank God, Jesus took care of all of that a long time ago when He died on the cross for me because if He hadn’t given me the gift of forgiveness I, you, all of us would be LITERALLY doomed.

I firmly believe that choosing a homosexual lifestyle is a sin. Why? Because the Bible tells me it is.

Do I hate you for being gay? No. In fact, I love you because you are my brother or sister in Christ. You are human. You are no better or worse than I. The label “gay” does not define who you are as a person. I am actually going to assume that you’re a nice person with love and happiness in your heart. Peace and kudos, dude.

Do I agree with your lifestyle? No. Do I want the best for you? Yes. Do I care about you? Yes. Am I going to come up to you, slap you in the face with my Bible and scream profanities at you? Uhm, most certainly not.

It appears I’m being pretty kind to you. Okay, we disagree, friend. That’s fine, want to go get coffee?

So why is it that your group of homosexual supporters are so… mean? Why is it that you guys encourage freedom of expression until it goes against your opinion? Why is it that you can FIRE someone for their beliefs and faith? How would you and the LGBT Community feel if I FIRED you for your lifestyle? I’m sure I would be attacked for it.

You know, although I disagree with your lifestyle I would never degrade you or replace you because of it. In fact, if you worked for me I wouldn’t give a damn if you’re black, white, straight, gay, or an old cat lady if you are honest, dependable and a hard worker I will keep you and treasure you as an employee of mine. I will support you in life and if you ever needed to move on from my place of employment I would write you letters of recommendation.

Why can’t you be as accepting of my Christian lifestyle? It’s okay to disagree, people. Last time I checked the world was made up with billions of people who all have different lifestyles. That’s a lot of lifestyles. We obviously aren’t all going to agree. So why are we expected to? And why is it so unacceptable for us to disagree?

I just don’t think it’s right that I am constantly degraded for my Christian faith because I’m accused of being the degrader. It’s a huge messy oxymoron. I do not degrade you, gay community. I just don’t agree with ONE ASPECT of your life. ONE ASPECT. I believe that you as a person are SO MUCH MORE than the word “gay” so quit jumping down my freaking throat because we disagree on ONE THING. Quit attacking innocent people for expressing themselves and exercising their opinions.

Now, to wrap up my piece, A&E this is to you.
When is the last time you updated your Facebook profile photo? I’m just curious because your profile picture boasts the slogan “Be Original.” Forgive me if I am misunderstanding, but do you mean “Be Yourself”? Doesn’t that go hand in hand with freedom of expression and freedom of speech? If you think that the phrase “Be Original” is the best one to describe you as a company then you need to rethink what you just did. Because you just tried to silence someone (keyword try, I highly doubt Phil Robertson cares what you think of his lifestyle) for well, being original.

You just messed up big time. I don’t blame gays and I most certainly do not blame Phil Robertson. I blame you guys for being complete idiots. Did you not realize when you signed the Robertson’s that they were Christians? Did you not know Christian faith does not encourage homosexuality? Did you not realize that Duck Dynasty is your biggest money maker? You can support LGBT all you want. You can support Christians all you want. But as an American TV Network you should most certainly be supporting the first amendment no questions asked.

I won’t be watching your network until you publicly apologize to Mr. Robertson and ask him back. And when you do grow some cojones and ask him back I hope he tells you to shove it up your close-minded ____.

And that’s all I have to say about that.


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  1. All sin is a choice. The simple fact that we are born on this planet means we are born with, around or near sinful behaviors. ALL SIN IS ATTRACTIVE and provides instant gratification, but never lasting satisfaction. If sin wasn’t attractive the devil would be a soldier at war with a squirt gun and god would be quite bored sitting in his tank. No matter what, how we feel on the inside always has an effect on what we do on the outside. But if choosing the right path was easy god wouldn’t have much of a job now would he. Now I loved snoking cigarettes. It made me feel good. Along with my drugs and alcohol I felt great. In fact, even though I quit, I still am a pothead and a cigsmoker to this day. But I don’t ever do it. I love that sin I cant help it I know how it feels. But I love more that I can go on without harming my body that was a gift from god and risking my job with breaking the law. Forhomosexual

  2. For the atheists. Youve got to be smarter than to think there is no god. Man didn’t build this planet. And if aliens did someone made them who made them who made them etc until the ONLY reasonable explanation is a single greater mind behind it all. For the homosexuals. Its a sin. And you’ll be of the most blessed to not act on those temptations to be with the same sex. That’s requires more strength than most any christian can claim to have, overcoming that sin. Being gay may not be a choice on the inside but it is on the outside. Its about righteous living. The devil wants us to feel like we are gay or atheist and that it feels so right and can even give us all the things we need to solidify that belief. He’s had me so intertwined with sin, unto destroying my body and faith or living vainly. Atheism makes perfect sense. But if you KNEW god was there what would the word faith even mean. Homosexuality is something that sets some of us apart from the rest of us, but god wants us together. Living with the same sex all your life intentionally denies the gift of procreation and generations of offspring. What are you living life for if not to keep the ball rolling. If we were all gay wed be extinct in no time. god loves us all the same. Christian or not sinner or not. And we will all see him one day, whether we believe in him or not. No one is better than anyone else. If they think so they partake in the sin of pride. Regardless we have our free wil, which god will not take from us. Saying that we are born homosexual (in sin) without a choice to be straight (out of sin) is like saying we were born deprived of our freel will. Which is impossible. When homosexuals say they were born that way, they imply that they can’t help it. If you sit there saying I can’t help it, it implies that you want to. Yet a homosexual will defend to the end their right TO BE homosexual to the end and that’s even before they defend the fact that they are. And by all means you have the right to CHOOSE to be anything. But don’t dare try to say you don’t have a choice. Because that is one thing you will always have. That’s something God gave us that CANNOT be taken away. So by all means, keep on sinning, but don’t try and say god made you do it. The blame game is outdated. But satan is loving every word of it.

      1. It is derogatory and very biased to claim someone is “retarded” the term is mentally challenged look it up. Why must people use hate language when they can not come up with a valid response. And yes the devil does want you to be that way so he has his hooks in you like he does go troll the atheist boards.

      2. Rick, someday you’ll find out the truth and then it will be too late for you. I urge to do some research into what God says in His Word because eternity is fast approaching. You’ll find out that the devil is all too real.

      3. No I won’t Wanda. There is no afterlife. You won’t be reunited with your loved ones. Cherish them while you have the chance.

    1. 1) You don’t choose to be gay. A kid can’t make that choice because they don’t have a clue.
      2) You can’t choose to be straight.
      3) You wouldn’t know unless you chose to be gay at one time, then chose to be straight.
      3a) God despises luke-warm people. So choosing to be straight when you’re gay is a problem.
      4) So, you’re normal, and can enjoy sex and marriage. Meanwhile, people burdened with being gay need to fight 10x harder to enjoy a less sinful life and must be deprived of basic human needs and rights? Meh.
      5) If you knew how hard I fought to be straight my whole teenage/young adult life, and how much I hurt myself because I was terrified of going to hell and terrified of other people, I think you’d cry.

      Your post and your sentiments make me sad at humanity and Christians. Your love is only Scripturally citation deep.

      1. My brother was homosexual. Died at age 50 from complications from HIV. Had the same partner for 27 years. The last 12 years of his life he abstained from sex with what became only a friend after his real acceptance of Christ. Because why? It is sin. To say that you are a practicing homosexual and a Christian is to damn yourself. Repentance is the only way to salvation through the name of Jesus Christ. Repentance is to ask and receive forgiveness. With the knowledge and desire to change. Once one receives Christ they are made new. This means that they do not willfully return. The concept of one sinning is not that one will not sin; but that one will not willfully sin. If you truly received him as the bible explains you will no longer want to or have the desire to sin willfully. Yes, you do choose to be gay. My brother did; and then didn’t. This is just some more psychobabble that the last two generations have embedded in our youth for the last two generations to give the perception that it is ok morally and spiritually; that and the fact that they could not treat anyone with this behavior. Genesis plainly lays out the foundation for marriage, divine order, and the reasons why.

      2. Thank you for your response. Well put. I am sorry for your suffering as a young adult. Know you are loved and keep being you! I think we should share the heterosexuality quiz with some of these folks so they can know when they choose straightness and see how silly they realize they are being :D Anyway, thanks for being rational and if you believe in a higher power, know that they love and support you. If not, know that I love you for being you!

      3. Stephen Martin,

        I have no idea if your story is true. HIV/AIDS has nothing to do with being gay. If your brother caught it, then I a sorry to hear that. Anyway, I was gay before I even knew it was wrong. I prayed and begged before anything ever made it mainstream. It was not okay nor mainstream to be gay in the ’80s and ’90s. Your point is null. Your perception is wrong. You cannot be a practicing lustful christian, yet you are. We all are that at the very least. Lustful. If I begged God every day for 10 years to take homosexuality away from me, and wasn’t EVEN HAVING SEX WITH MEN at that point in time, how the Hell do you determine I was a willful homosexual? I am sorry, but you are extremely ignorant.

    2. Well the big problem with your statement is you think it’s impossible that this planet could only have been made by a superior intellect and assert creation as the only viable option which is fallacious reasoning. We see how planets are formed via stars so we know that’s how our planet came to be. We don’t believe in God because there is no evidence to prove demonstrably that there is a god. If it can’t be proven then it doesn’t merit belief. People are born with a genetic predisposition towards homosexuality and we see many animal species practice same (Bonobos practice homosexuality more frequently than humans do). Your argument is that it is a sin. If you believe in the Bible then it is but if you don’t then it’s not so understand we atheists don’t care what you label it however what many of us find offensive is not the sin label but the fact that an entire segment of the population is being denied access to a legal status they by virtue of the 14th Amendment have every claim to simply because of whom they choose to love by people who want to demand we live our lives by their religious beliefs.

      1. It’s difficult to argue with individuals who have chosen a duck hunter / reality television personality as their profit, so don’t go trying to confuse the issues with scientific fact and logic. All they truly want or need are some nice graphics that they can capture off the Tea Party web site to do their talking for them. No need to actually reason their way through this or study the facts.

      2. Do stars just “magically” appear out of nothing? I think not. There has to be SOMETHING to begin with. Who created that something that caused a star to “magically” appear? It actually makes more sense to believe in a Supreme Creator than in magic!

      3. You make a lot of great points here. I too was agnostic bordering on atheist for a period of time. I am by trade a scientist and could not wrestle the inconsistencies in the dogmatic stances of the church to rectify them to logical scientific theories and proven facts. I had some personal experiences that strengthened my faith enough to cause me to research much deeper into the potential alignment of these two schools of thought. Dr. Francis Collins (head of human genome project) helped me quite a bit with this mental wrestling match with his book The Language of God. It’s a great read for anyone regardless of current stance. I am sorry that Christian love as it is supposed to be has been marred by judgmental people and basic human flaw, but I have come to find that Christ’s love is perfect and Christians would be viewed in a much better light if we were only able to get close to its perfection.

      4. The problem Wanda is that your claim of a supreme being by it’s very nature is attributing it to magic. The argument that the universe came about from nothing is a fake argument created by creationists. The universe as we know it came about from what is called The Big Bang as far as what existed before then no one knows yet. Creationists claim they know it was God however there is no proof of this as the concept of god is not falsifiable. We know stars form from nebulas and depending on what kind of nebula it is it will form from the accumulation of hydrogen and other gases or from supernovas. Where did hydrogen come from? The big bang. Where did that come from. We don’t know….yet. Remember the Bible is not evidence it is a book of claims any evidence to prove it’s validity has to be collected using the best tool we know and that tool is science because that’s what science does best. Science doesn’t say there is no god it in fact makes no comment on the matter but it’s findings have disproved the claims of creation for example and the flood. The evidence does not support Genesis.

      5. It has never been that you can’t be gay.(??????) It is simple. Don’t confuse yourself as Christian if you choose to be gay. Because you implicate yourself in your own statement as a hypocrite by trying to be both. As far as your own babble prove your hypothesis. These are only the ramblings of people who try to explain away their own immorality. Look at your own self proclaimed leaders years back. liars, thieves and murdered. Get a grip and get over it. These laws weren’t put in place back in the time of the original constitution, but by people later with their own agenda. Not representing the whole of this nation nor it’s people and their interests. This is a democracy and the whole is to be considered. This country was not created so as for people to run amuck. Homosexual percentage 2%. Atheist % probably greater. Don’t really know. Don’t really care. Point is, keep your lifestyle out of my face, of my porch, and don’t to influence my kids with it because your not going to like the response nor the reaction. Oh by the way the Bible does not say that anger is a sin unless it is demonstrated without reason. What I am trying to say is be careful what you ask for, you just might get it. I MEAN BY THIS, A STIRRING OF THE REAL AMERICAN PEOPLE THAT WILL PUT PEOPLE BACK IN THEIR PLACE INSTEAD OF BEING QUIET ABOUT THEIR BELIEFS. WE MIGHT JUST STARTED RISING UP AGAIN. THEN YOU MIGHT JUST RUN BACK IN YOUR LITTLE CORNERS AND WITH YOUR TAIL TUCKED BETWEEN YOUR LEGS.


      6. Stephen, you’re an idiot. Please read more, and learn more about demographics before you cite your opinion. You are in the minority in this country and in this world. Sorry kiddo, but you are. No one is flaunting anything or trying to teach your kids to do anything. No one cares about your kids, probably not even you. Please just live your life, go to your church on Sunday, and be the hatemonger you are the other days of the week–but do so in your own house, and keep it away from everyone else’s kids and lives. Your no better a Christian than anyone else on this forum, and that includes the atheists. How do you like them apples?

  3. Thank you for posting your opinion regarding A&E -Duck Dynasty. I have the same opinion but could not get it out like I wanted. You said it totally and with class.

  4. Excellent article! I only saw this because someone posted a link to it on Facebook saying they needed to educate you on your errors, haha! You wrote a beautiful piece and I applaud you!

    1. It’s not an article, it’s an editorial. It’s not based on fact. Why cloud the issues with scientific fact or logic. But good that you got people to applaud you for sharing in the hate.

      1. Catherine, it seems you are like all the others that disagree with any Christian perspective, you say something mean. No body here has screamed or said a snide remark because you didn’t agree with us. The Christians that do follow Christ and not just call themselves Christians do not hate those living differently because we are all the same. We all sin. God has no degree of sin. Sin is sin. Even hating someone is a sin. The only difference between the nonbeliever and a Christian is that we go to our knees and ask God for His forgiveness of our acts of sin. We try as we might to not do it again but I for one continually talk to Ford drivers while driving. And then say, I’m sorry Lord. I haven’t made it there yet. That is sin. As for the big bang theory………..what part of nothing to something is not believed. Nebula, what ever, something made some particle into being. That is the ultimate question. We keep going back and back in science but we can’t explain the beginning. For those non-believer that don’t believe is Satan, he doesn’t need to be concerned with you as you don’t believe in God. He already has you. When you first become a Christian all hell breaks loose. That is when the spiritual realm shows itself. As any person that has left his unbelief and giving their lives to Christ knows, the enemy doesn’t like to lose one of you. The closer you draw near to God the worse the spiritual battle. We do not fight flesh but principalities. The battle is not in the flesh but in the minds and hearts of people. A spiritual battle is one that each person has to battle and all are different. Drawing nearer to God means you actually to experience His presence. This is not something you can explain to an unbeliever. It is something you must experience personally. That is why we say, it is a personal relationship with Christ. We all progress in our relationship at a different pace and that is what it is. You walk in faith, you believe in His undeniable mercy, grace and power. I had a pastor that was an atheist and he was challenged by his college roommate. He asked him to just read the bible all the way through. As he read he began to find out the spiritual realm is real. The opposition to his turning his face towards God brought out the battle. He came out the other side a Christian. He was forever changed both spiritually and intellectually. He travels the word reaching out to the unbeliever. Reaching out not forcing himself or his faith on people as Christ gives us choice. You have chosen to not believe and live your life according. Christians make a different and try to walk out every day to become more Christlike. For what ever negative things you may say, you can’t say that Christ is not the perfect example we should all strive to become. I feel sadness in my heart for unbelievers such as yourself. There was no applauding hate here. The only hateful thing I saw in this stream was those of you that disagreed with those trying to live their lives as Christians. You don’t have to agree with us but we do have a right to believe differently that you just as you have that same right to disbelieve. No one is trying to force Christianity on you but we are constantly bombarded with force to embrace the lifestyle of the LGTB. We never will and we must agree to disagree. Did the media show the entire article of what was said? NO. Why? Because that is the goal.This man was not hating, but simply expressing his view of sin. Sin is sin to God. I challenge you, read the entire bible with an open mind and an earnest heart. See what happens to your life. See what things happen to you of a spiritual nature. It will shake the very foundation of your world. You can refuse this challenge. God gave us the choice to do just that. He will not force Himself on you. You must choose to come to him. So, fear not. God will not influence your life or change your heart or your world view unless you ask Him to and seek Him. The challenge is there from me none the less. Are you strong enough to try? Be prepared and rest assured that even if you don’t believe in the spiritual realm doesn’t mean it doesn’t exists. You can choose to not believe that won’t make God any less real. One thing all Christians do is pray for the unbeliever and that they will turn their fact towards God. Even reading the anger and sarcasm in your comment, my prayer and hope for you is that you too will have a personal experience with God that will allow you to open the door to Him and find that He is indeed real and already loves you where you are.

  5. people, the bible is the true word of god. jesus died on the cross for all of us. judge not least you be judged. Jesus also said if his word is rejected walk away and don’t look back. enough said.

    1. Without answering, “because the bible says so“ or, it’s not asking much to just believe, or if you accept God into your heart, and you are wrong, you’ve got nothing to lose… please justify this for me.

      The bible was written by man. Do men not have hidden agendas? It’s quite genius actually… If you’re wanting to get everyone to believe what you are writing, you couldn’t alienate anyone right away. Instead, you’d say that all sins are equal, your past is basically irrelevant, all are welcome. Confess your sins and yadda yadda. This is what gets me. If God is this righteous being and all forgiving, how is it that skepticism isn’t forgiven or tolerated in the least? You can forgive a murderer, but not a person who questions ancient scripture? It seems a little odd to me. He will forgive anything, unless you don’t believe. How incredibly convenient. God created man, you say? We are all God’s children? Then he created free will, and the ability to question, wonder and interpret life. Was that a mistake? He created the murderer, the rapist, the lying cheat, the thief, all the worst kind of people, he also created the non-believer. The non-believer, being the absolute WORST? Someone completely beyond reproach and deserves to burn in “hell”.

      How is skepticism not an equal sin in God’s eyes, can it really not be forgiven? God has one REALLY odd pet peeve in my opinion.

      I have faith in a higher power, the vast universe proves that to me. A bearded man? No. A person at all? Don’t think so. But there are so many unanswered questions, that people HAVE to have an answer it’s too unsettling not to, the bible is the catch all, I guess. I am OK with not having a book of rules to outline my life.

      1. God does forgive skepticism.Your also not created as a murderer,rapist,liar,thief,etc, but you make a choice to do that and all other sins. People are influenced by outside motives whether they are seen or unseen. Some of those influences are man made , some as Christians believe are spiritual. Whether or not if you act upon them is the choice of our free will. I will not make you believe in God, you have to do that yourself. I will not make you murder, lie, cheat steal,or be a skeptic, that’s what you chose to do. If we as Christians live our life according to the Bible, to love each other NO MATTER WHAT THE OTHER PERSON BELIEVES , how are we hatemongers? I’m not going to change you or force you to believe in God. I can tell you how God changed my life, the new battles i face everyday in not wanting to sin, and how i fall short everyday. It’s Gods Grace that i receive everyday that keeps me from wanting to sin. If i didn’t believe in God ,what would stop me from acting on sin? Man? I don’t believe so. My question to you is this, how is living my life for Christ, loving you and everyone else no matter what you’ve done, what you believe,what your sexual lifestyle is, or what your point of view is, viewed as a hatemonger to all of those who don’t agreed with Christians or our beliefs?How is the way I live my life for Christ hurting,or affecting how you or anyone else live their life? We as Christians do not put ourselves on pedestals, thinking we are better than everyone else because we believe in God. We are the same as everyone,God views us that way, we are all sinners. And to answer your question(hopefully), how can God forgive you in the first place when you don’t believe in God? You want to be forgiven by God, when you don’t believe in God? Sounds backwards to me. It almost sounds like you want to believe in God without saying you believe in God. Why do you want to forgiven by God, if you think God doesn’t exist? It doesn’t matter whether or not you believe in God,life has certain moral standards that we all live by. People in general know that it is wrong to murder,steal rape,lie,lust,etc. Why is this? Something or someone put those moral standards within us, since birth.You can’t blame society,environment,parents,or church for the decisions you make for the person you are today.We all have outside influences, Christians believe spiritual influences, Non-believers in something else, that affect the choices we make in life,whether they are good or bad. Regardless,I still want you and everyone else to know, whether you are a believer or not,I still love you and everyone else as brothers and sisters, not matter what you believe, how you live, or what you do.To me ,that is what a Christian is.

  6. I just want to add the convenience of you that are so self righteous which appears to be a majority can’t just pull out the verses that supports their view.. I am a Christian, not because I am perfect but because I am human and I am a sinner. I thought all humans were sinners, God is the only perfect being or that has always been my belief. It drives me crazy to hear of all the gay haters on their bandwagon claiming that the Bible is very clear on God’s view on homosexualty. God didn’t write my Bible, did he yours? My Bible says that God is loving and he forgave our sins before we were even born. To me that meant all of us, not just you that are “straight”. My Bible does not say Gays not included! My Bible has many other things that he frowns upon. Like divorce, gossiping, judging others, etc. Being gay is not a choice, why would anyone choose to be gay where others say they are hell bound not even knowing or caring how many gays struggle internally about bring gay. Whern a gay person knows they are different at an early age, that is not their choice! God put each and everyone of us here for a reason. Why would he punish a person because of how they were born?
    Thanks you.

  7. According to the Bible, we all were born in sin (big sin, little sin; you name the sin) and shaped in iniquity. (I speak to those who claim to be Christians, only). That’s why Jesus spoke to us all saying you must be born again and become a new man or woman, free from the sins we were born with. Judgment begins with the house of God-that is to say the believers of Christ. These instructions are only to those who believe in and want to live the Christian life. To everyone else, just disregard all the comments about sin.

  8. First I agree with much of what you say, it was a good statement of what you belive. There are however some assumed statements like “Lifestyle” some Catholic Priests molest children do we now say that’s part of the Catholic lifestyle? Or west Borrow Baptist do you say there misinformed choices make that a Baptist lifestyle.
    Phil’s statement was and is NOT a good Family value Christ said love thy brother….not just the Strait ones er white ones…fer that point why do they have no Black employees???? Going off the point. We should every one…end of story. What he said was his own opinion but that opinion is shared by many who use it as an excuse to harm GTBL’s when CHRISTIANs were burning witches to cub a gay person and toss them on the fire is where Faggot came from…as the term once only mentioned a bundle of sticks…I like to see you or Phil explain yer views to Mathew Shepard’s family…as I’m sure his asalents share his view…now if One fan of the show uses Phil’s opinion to justify a hate act( avoiding the word crime as word can be just as damaging) Phil is guilty of encorageing it….welcome to be’n a public figure.

  9. Nicely written piece. I have one issue with his statement however. I have been silent to this point because I think we’re all mislead to think that we will change someone’s view from social media or blogs. But, my issue is him saying that homosexuals will not go to heaven. That is degrading to Jesus in my opinion. He was the perfect sacrifice and does not need our help with extra “righteousness”. As you say, homosexuality is no greater sin than any other. Why then would a homosexual that has accepted Christ be any less fit for heaven than a divisive, judgemental bearded old guy?

    1. I read the entire article and he did not say “homosexuals will not go to heaven.” In fact, he said that’s not his judgement to make. I encourage people to actually read the interview instead of just listening to what others have to say about it. :)

    2. One only has to turn to the Book God wrote called the Bible and see what the scriptures say.1Corinthians 6: 8 & 9 from the new american standard No, you yourselves do wrong and cheat, and you do these things to your brethren. Do You not know that the unrighteous will not inherit the kingdom of God (Heaven)? Do not be deceived. Neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor homosexuals, nor sodomites

  10. I do not degrade you, Christian community. I just don’t agree with ONE ASPECT of your life. ONE ASPECT. I believe that you as a person are SO MUCH MORE than the word “Christian” so quit jumping down my freaking throat because we disagree on ONE THING. Quit attacking innocent people for expressing themselves and exercising their opinions.

    1. Then why does society DEMAND for Christians to be tolerant of their point of views, but society is INTOLERANT of a Christians point of view?And its only the Christians point of view, not Buddhist,Muslim,or any other belief that is not Christian. I ,as a Christian,am not “jumping down your freaking throat” for disagreeing on what your opinion is, but society as a whole attack Christians for not agreeing with them.

      1. If you read my comment as intolerant, than you are proving my point. Most of those words were not mine, they were the author’s. I merely cut and pasted her own expression of
        “tolerance” towards others, taken from this post, and replaced the author’s word “gay” with the word “christian.” There is nothing about her language or her tone that is expressing tolerance.

  11. You can believe, consider, love, hate, deny, disregard, accept,or any other emotional sense you possess during your time.
    But to deny God is the ONLY sin that guarantees you a spot in hell. Non Christian life-styles should take heed.

  12. First off….I believe the saying is “Love the sinner, hate the sin”. The judgment is for God alone. Also…no one “chooses a gay lifestyle.” I would like for my fellow heterosexuals to try being gay for a year…..good luck with that! The same goes for a person who is gay. They can’t “choose” to be straight. It would be just as impossible for them. I think what we all should be talking about…..instead of Phil Robertson stating a belief that anyone who has ever watched the show could have already guessed, is the fact that gay and lesbian teens commit suicide at a much higher rate than straight teens. What are we going to do to fix that?????

  13. and the robertson’s and a&e laugh all the way to the bank…….
    Judge ye least ye be judged. sin is sin we all sin one sin not greator than another, It’s also a sin to be over zealous. Jesus tells us to pray in private. not to make a spectacle of ourselves. I’ve seen both sides of this here and there be very ugly. Phil had a right to say what he wants even if you don’t agree with it A&E had a right to suspend him even if you don’t agree. I personaly didn’t agree with the way Phil picked on one sin and not all sin as even he and his family sin too. spread the good news not condemnation. Christ died on the cross for forgivness of our sins past present and future. one more thought the bible says it is easier for a camel to get through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter heaven

  14. @soclairesays – if you think it’s a sin because of some out of context passage from the bible, I hope you never take it in the butt or whatever you kinky christian religious folk do. Otherwise, your a sinner baby, and I don’t hate you!

  15. Homosexuality is only a sin within the construct of some religions such as the Judeo-Christian morality. Remember religion is a construct not a naturally occurring thing. That being said, if you choose to live within a particular construct that is your choice but what you choose to consider sin is not a sin to people who choose not to live within your construct. As to why homosexuals are so mean they are only doing unto others as has been done to them for so long. Given the appalling treatment they have endured, it’s a wee bit disenguous to wax maudlin about how mean homosexuals are.

  16. and while you are all crying about this incident..

    A group of Christians cover an atheist billboard in Chicago and harass onlookers who criticized their action as being wrong.

    A group of Christians attempted to burn down an atheist billboard in New Jersey..

    NY senator calls for atheist non-profit to be targeted by the IRS and have their tax exemption revoked because of a billboard they posted..

  17. My problem with Phil is he only called out gays, not the liars or other sinners just the gays. Not even lesbians, his specific comments were about gays. Why them? Is he homophobic? Is it Christian to call out all sinners in public in a national magazine or just ones you don’t like? He has me confused? Maybe he should follow the actions of the POPE, who’s response when questioned about gay’s was “who am I to judge”. Maybe Phil Robertson should think about that… who is he to judge? What gives him the right to call any sinner out? Is he some how better then others because he reads the bible and has a popular television program?

  18. Thank you Phil .I will continue to watch Duck Dynasty because it’s funny , true to life and of its values. So many times you have helped me with my problems without even knowing me. I don’t judge people because they maybe gay, I judge them on how they act to me and mankind..Treat me with respect, if you can’t I will walk away before I lower myself to your level. .

  19. As a liberal atheist I don’t agree with your point of view at all but I greatly appreciate your mature and thoughtful take on, what I see as, the crux of all of these social wars (War on Women, War on Christmas, War on Phil, etc) that are largely made up by the media – people, for the most part, are generally not accepting and even a little scared of people who are different from them. We stick to our own kind whether that means liberal or conservative, religious or atheist, pepsi or coke. And in our little groups the mistrust and ignorance about the other side only grows.

    I’m trying to step outside of what I know and what’s comfortable to take an unbiased look at the other side – that’s how I ended up here, on your blog and I’m so glad I found it :)

    As for the commenters who pity non-believers and say they’ll pray for them, I think a greater gesture would be to try and understand them

    I get bizarre looks when people find out I’m an atheist mainly because they’re not quite sure what that entails

  20. You know what is entertaining, that you seem to think because my parents were a bit restrictive and didnt talk about homosexuality that they were Christians bigots. The fact is they were not. As a matter of fact they did they best they could to prevent me from going to church. When i was 12 and a pastor who lived in the neighbor hood gave me a bible they told me i was not allowed around him because Christians “brain wash” people. My parents didnt talk about homosexuality infront of me because they were almost never infront of me. My mother was to busy out partying to be around. And she certainly didnt want me watching TV or socializing and out doing things with my piers because that would have taken my attention away from raising my three younger siblings and helping them with their homework. My mother was pro choice, and later i found out, after my friend asked me about the subject, that my mother was also pro gay marriage. She generally left the house half naked. I have seen first hand what sin does to people. and more so. what it does to a family. When a father comes home and strangles his teenage daughter and a mother comes home and slaps her children around because she is to bent up with anger that her life isnt going the way she planned to notice her daughter may not have a clean room but all her younger siblings have been bathed, fed and put to bed. I have been at the hands of parents so angry that the world was not going the way they wanted it that they used belts with metal diamond shaped diamond studs to spank us with them until we bled. Where we were told if we reported it that we would be put in foster homes. and that in a foster home we would be raped and beaten more. and where we had every reason to believe our parents because our parents were police officers. were I was Not taken to the doctor for medical treatment on a regular basis with teacher after teacher calling my parents to tell them there was something wrong and i was always short of breath. I wasnt diagnosed with Asthma til i was 20 and had my own health insurance but i always had inhalers provided to me by other students at school when i needed one. I have seen first hand what sin does. It destroys a person, makes them angry at the whole world. I dont run from sin i acknowledge its power in the lives that i love. I dont view a person who sins as a bad person so i really cant understand why you are so bent out of shape that i think a certain action is a sin. You are so caught up in being offended at the idea of a person calling something a sin that you cant get out of yourself. If some one called taking a five dollar bill that didnt belong to them a sin would you really be all over them about not judging the other person. for all you know that person hasnt eaten in five days and the person he stole it from is driving a Mercedes. You shouldnt judge the person as good or bad because you dont know what is going on in their life. But it doesnt change the fact that taking that money that was not theirs was still a sin(doesnt make it right but it makes it understandable. sin is still sin.)
    You are all over me for thinking I cant be wrong and being judgmental and you seem to have no idea how judgmental you are being. Yes your statements about judging are ignorant. they are uneducated about what judging actually is because your definition of judging is very two dimensional. It is close minded. Your opinion on whether or not gay marriage is your opinion. Your knowledge about what is and isnt judging is wrong.
    Likely, (if you went to college), when you went to college you were a good little boy who swallowed all the liberal agendas they spoon fed you. I have seen first hand the way colleges try to brain wash kids and call it education and enlightenment. Make as many groups as victims as you can so everybody is to busy feeling the victim to notice what is really going on in the world. The gays are being persecuted every time some one calls gay acts a sin. the women are being persecuted every time some one carefully does a study and asks the questions in just the right way to make it appear that women are some horrible victim in a male dominated society with out asking other questions that would explain the answers found. Make blacks feel like victims every time some one asks what the prison population is comprised of. make the Muslims the victims every time some one even points out that these are the same people that mutilate the vagina’s of women in mass numbers in Muslim countries. divide and conquer the sheep.

    1. It is ironic. You say things that suggest no opinions can be wrong. You suggest that judging is wrong. And yet you judge, judge some more, and judge some more. You assume you know what kind of college i went to. You assume you know about what kind of parenting i had, and assume that i never questioned what was taught to me because i dont have the ability to reason complex ideas. Instead of assuming that i had the same education that you had and came out with a different outlook on the world. It is as if you assume that if i had the same kind of “educational” opportunities as you and the same kind of parenting i would have to be a simple degenerate unable to process complex ideas. Isnt that very idea judgmental. Isnt that very idea narrow minded and not accepting of the fact that we are all different.
      The people who cry for tolerance the most tend to be the most intolerant. The people who cry not to judge the most tend to be the most judgmental. I feel sympathy for you. To live in a world where anyone who doesnt share your opinion is either, uneducated, a bigot, or unable to think for themselves while simultaneously crying for tolerance and acceptance must be exhausting.

      1. In case you missed it the first four times (not surprised that you did) I find narrow minded, self righteous, hypothetical Christians absolutely intolerable. You never did deny that you are a Southern Baptist with a not so impressive education. Also interesting you think I’m supposed to obey YOUR rules of Christianity which you yourself do not obey, another obvious sign of narcissism. You can’t think outside yourself. It infuriates me that young impressionable people stumble upon these blogs and find morons spouting their bigotry wrapped in religion about how homosexuality is a sin. And they aren’t so stupid that they can’t connect the dots between a sin and the person committing it. A sin doesn’t commit itself. Just remember every time you’re shocked that someone killed themselves over something they read on the internet you can smile and know that you contributed.

        When you are dead, you don’t know that you are dead. It is difficult only for the others. It is the same when you are stupid.

      2. I didnt know i needed to defend my denomination to you. But I am not a Baptist. Certainly not a Southern Baptist and it is funny that you seem to think just because i think Acting on Homosexuality is a sin that I am a southern Baptist. Where as its really along the lines that most non denominational Christians dont speak out about how they feel. because they have been lied to by the general public to believe that in order to be loving you cant tell the truth. People who are non denominational also tend to spend much more time around people who are different because those different people are afraid to step into other churches because of lies and hate you spew here. They have told me “I would never pick a baptist church because they are so judgmental” That was one of the first thing one lady told me when she started talking after joining our church while we were nursing our children together. Not seeming to realize that unless she had ever been to a Baptist church that very statement in itself was judging some one she never knew.
        And of course your two dimensional brain cant help but connect the sin directly to the sinner. Your heart is clouded by the sins you do and the ones you defend, preventing your ability to see past the sin to the person. I dont define my friends by things they have done. A person acting on homosexual tendencies does not define who they are. I act on heterosexual tendencies but that isnt who I am. A person having had an abortion when they were going through a tough time, hormonal and scared has committed murder. but that murder doesnt define them. It will affect them for the rest of their life. whether they realize it or not. But it is not who they are. I am sorry you are so close minded that you cant see past what a person has done to who they are. that you have been lied to for so long in your life that now you continue to lie to yourself.
        You have convinced yourself I am Judging other people by judging whether or not an action is or isnt sin. Because your view on the world is so Narrow. You need to open your eyes. see past what was done. to the beautiful person underneath.
        My Church has lots of people who struggle with addictions. Everything from drugs, to porn to gambling habits. Some of them have serious drug addictions they struggle with. Yes they made the decision to pick up a drug in the first place but where they are now. is past decision making. they are lost in a downward spiral where their mind and body need that chemical just to be able to function. I have had the awesome opportunity to get to know some of them on a more personal level as they sober up and get off the drugs. they are truly awesome people. Some of them are over coming abuse as a child. raped by fathers. molested by teachers. some of them have been struggling with addiction since they started prostituting at 13 years old to pay for food while their mother was busy getting high. they started drugs to cover the pain. Some of them started drinking after being bullied (really bullied and harassed on a daily basis) And there is a difference between a two way conversation like what we are having and a one sided taunting and bullying session that is daily. One was told by a teacher when she was 8 years old that she was a lesbian. Because she had told the teacher that she really loved her best friend. being 8 and having no concept of what the difference between best friend love and partners for the rest of their lives love she came “out of the closet” to very supportive parents. When she was 17 and realized she, after all, was not gay she was bullied and beaten down by the LGBT community she had become a part of. The told her she was a horrible person. she was a weak coward who was bending to the people who didnt agree with her. They messaged her hateful messages and told her that wimps like her were better off dead and gave the LGBT community a bad name. She nearly killed herself she got so drunk once. She had never been to a church. She was afraid to seek help because she had been taught, like I had been, that Christians as judgmental bullies who were hateful bigots. One of her friends brought her to the outreach program and she was saved 7 weeks later.
        You spew hate and call it acceptance. not the other way around. I have not once called a person who acts on homosexual tendencies a bad person. i have not once suggested the were deserving of anything but love and compassion. But you however have been nothing but hateful towards a concept that a person can see something as wrong and not judge the person. the entire concept that a person can look past a sin to the heart of a person flies right over your head.
        I dont know whether or not you have children. But i have a really hard time believing that you do. And if you do I have a really hard time that you actually know who they are in their heart unless you have made them into you, bullied them into believing as you do. (and if they hear you talk like this you dont have to do it directly. they see you behave like this and are to afraid to show themselves because they dont want to be rejected by their “creator” (mother/father) so they will never think for themselves. it does not matter if you tell them you love them no mattter what. They see you spreading hate and that is what they take to heart) It is why i dont speak about this subject infront of my children. If i run into some one who is clearly different in public I talk to them just as i would some one i go to church with. I have even hired a Gay boy to watch the kids while i worked on a project for work that i needed to give my attention to. The kid was a cool kid too. he made straight A’s in school and respected his parents. He didnt curse or use vulgar language. Out of all the teens who I interviewed he was most suited for the job. The girls wouldnt put their cell phones down for more then a few minutes and the other guys showed a lack of compassion for the kids. I want them to come to their own conclusion. even if it differs from mine. You want every one to see the world through your eyes. and everyone who thinks homesexual actions are sin is going to Hell.

      3. “I EVEN hired gay boy to watch the children”. LOL!! How accepting of you!!! Even a gay boy! Really!! Your ramblings border on retarded.

      4. An illustration. I have only ever hired 2 teenagers to help me out with the kids. I was giving an illustration. Since this whole thing got started over whether or not you can treat a gay as an equal and disagree with their lifestyle i gave you an illustration that I do. And so much so that I did so with the earthly “things” that are most precious to me. my children. You have pointed out several times all the information you have passive aggressively tried to pull out of me and i did not respond to but that is the best comment you can come up with a response to out of my whole statement. I dont discriminate against people based on gender identity and attraction. You clearly make snap judgements on people based on the position they have about one issue.

      5. I just read your first response and can see you are much younger than I originally thought. You are not old enough to be weighing in on this blog. I see you did not exactly honor your father and mother and still feel a great deal of resentment toward them. You judged your mother as far as her lifestyle and attire. Additionally you see yourself as their victim. None of this bodes well for your future. You should seek counseling (but not with the Baptist church) Try a kinder and gentler religion that doesn’t think it’s ok to judge like the Presbyterians or Episcopalians. You’d be shocked at the difference. Is your church building activities buildings for themselves or spending money on the sick and poor. Think about it. Not kidding.

      6. I just read this other response. I am not as young as you may think. And i do not judge my mother by her attire. I was giving you an illustration of what was going on. And using multiple details to do so. I no longer have beef with my mother. I was illustrating to you that your automatic assumption that i was raised in a “clean and proper” southern Baptist church is incorrect. My Church is very involved in the community. It is not a southern Baptist Church. I have been to a southern Baptist church and you want to talk about people who say judge the sin and not the sinner and dont follow through on that. that would be the people who went to that church. It did not sit on my tongue well and I left. Our church has clothes drives and diaper drives for single mothers who struggle. we make dinners for single mothers. We make baskets for military members. We participate in homeless shelter that helps get people on their feet. Providing sheets, clothes, feminine products, meals and volunteers, have an addiction outreach program for people struggling with addictions and have an outreach program to help for providing clean water supplies for other countries. This is only a few things our Church does for the community. I also participate in other things outside my church for the community. My son was in Pre School before i decided to home school and i volunteered there the entire year. now that time is spent educating my children.
        I do not think Gay people are Bad.

  21. Hey there! Would you mind if I share your blog with my twitter group?
    There’s a lot of folks that I think would really appreciate your
    content. Please let me know. Thank you

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