Jesus In Unexpected Places

brian welch


Let’s go back three years ago, it’s 2010 and you’re walking around the grocery store when you come face to face with Jase, Willie or Phil Robertson. (Pretend Jase and Willie had beards back then). What would your first impression be?

It’d probably be several things but would “faithful servant” or “follower of Jesus” be one of the first things to come to mind? I doubt it.

Not that the Robertson’s look is wrong, it just probably wouldn’t be your initial impression.

What about Brian “Head” Welch? Yeah, the guitarist from the band Korn. What would your first impression of him be?

Would you be surprised if I told you he’s a born-again Christian?

(Maybe you are, maybe you aren’t. That switch happened a while back…)

My point is, Jesus is everywhere. He isn’t just in the churches. He isn’t just in the hearts of those who carry a Bible or have a cross hanging from their rearview mirror. He isn’t only beside those who post Bible verses as their Facebook status.

Sometimes the people who you least expect can have the most faithful hearts. That’s what I Am Second is about.

I Am Second has been such an amazing tool in helping bring more people to know Jesus. I Am Second uses media and people who are in the public eye to put the Word of God out to people who may not hear it at church every Sunday or on their local christian radio station. By doing this I believe they’re taking The Word to people who may not be exactly “looking” for God at the moment.

We need Jesus more and more daily, I think it’s very important that we’re taking His message to “unexpected places” and that people are hearing the message from “unexpected people.” Trust me, the video where Brian Welch speaks really shows how God can turn a persons life around at any time.

I’m currently hosting a fundraiser for I Am Second to help with the expenses of more wonderful productions, study guides, etc in 2014. Any donation would be helpful and all donations are completely tax deductible.

This is an organization that I hope to see grow for many many years to come. I completely believe in what they’re doing and the message that they are putting out to people globally.

THE MOVEMENT–As stated by I Am Second.
“We aim to see Jesus lifted up in Unexpected Places. Through media, tools to spark spiritual conversations and people just like you joining to grow the movement, together we have launched more than 100 films reaching over 21 million people in 196 countries with the message of Jesus.”

If you are able to, please click the link below to make a donation. Thank you so much and know that what you are giving is going towards an amazing cause.


If you’d like to see some of their videos for yourself you can visit their website here: IAmSecond.com

Thank you all and God Bless.

Remember: I am second, God is first. :)


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