Tuesday Talks: God’s Not Dead!



Happy Tuesday! I’m have an idea I’d like to try on my blog to encourage myself to post on here more. Because honestly, with all the first baby stuff going on around my place lately, I unfortunately forget about my blog sometimes! So on Tuesdays we’re going to start having Tuesday Talks. I’ll post a short post about a certain topic and then we’ll talk about it in the comment section. So today’s topic is God’s Not Dead. How many of you guys have seen God’s Not Dead and what did you think of it? Have you noticed the rise in movies lately that are about biblical events and God? What do you think is causing Hollywood to put out more movies like this? (Not that I’m complaining about it, I love it!) I want to hear what YOU have to say! Comment away!


UPDATE: Saw this movie last Friday. AMAZING. Everyone needs to see it, believers and nonbelievers both. It addresses a lot of the questions and arguments that people have when they aren’t sure if they believe in God. In my opinion it answered a lot of questions well. God is most certainly NOT dead, He is very much alive and very much in control. His plan is above my plan, His thoughts above my thoughts. I know that no matter what I face, God is in control and with me every step of the way.  This is very good news. :) 


One thought on “Tuesday Talks: God’s Not Dead!

  1. Back in 1965 a professor Altizer at Emory University in Atlanta proclaimed himself to be a “Christian atheist” and pronounced “God is dead”. Time magazine gave his theory a national audience. Read about that at http://emoryhistory.emory.edu/enigmas/GodIsDead.htm . I have not seen the movie, but will be interested to see if it ties in to Altizer’s theory, which I well remember.

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