Dear Liberal Feminists, Please Define Tolerance.


laura levites

I’m sure you’re all very familiar with the comedic stylings of Laura Levites. Ha, just joking. No one really knew who Laura Levites was until she recently got her 15 minutes of fame with her bigoted hate-filled tweets directed at Christians and Conservatives on her Twitter account.

To recap the story if you haven’t already heard it: Laura Levites is a liberal feminist comedian who–to no surprise–lashed out on Twitter yesterday (March 26, 2014) about the Hobby Lobby birth control controversy. However, it isn’t about the fact that she “lashed out,” it’s HOW she did it that is so appalling.

I originally wasn’t going to put her actual quotes on my blog because some of them are so horrible. However, if I exclude things because of vulgarity people may not see why I’m so angry about this woman’s statements. So here they are.

It all started with this gem…

And then she fully unleashed…

When I read these tweets last night I became so incredibly angry. Not only because of what was said but because she represents the very group of people who are constantly screaming out about how “intolerant” Conservative Christians are. INTOLERANT. What is your definition of intolerance, Laura Levites? Please tell me. I’m dying to hear your answer. Here’s my email, clairebrownblog@gmail.com. Seriously, please email me with your definition of the word “intolerant.” Because last time I checked, telling people of opposing views that they should be MURDERED was slightly intolerant. Almost… Hitler like. Am I right?

She also tweets about how hypocritical Conservative Christians are. That’s another thing I’m sick of. The real hypocrite here is the person who preaches one thing, but then practices the opposite. For example, the liberal who preaches tolerance, but only practices it with those who agree with liberal viewpoints. If you’re going to verbally say that you stand for complete tolerance then you need to actually be tolerant of everyone. EVERYONE. This includes but is not limited to, Christians, Muslims, Buddhists, Gays, Lesbians, Straights, ProLife Activists, ProChoice Activists, Blacks, Whites, Asians, Women, Men, EVERY SINGLE ONE PERSON OF EVERY SINGLE GROUP OF EVERY KIND OF PEOPLE. If you can’t do that, shut up about “tolerance.” Just quit tossing that word about if you aren’t going to back it up with your own actions.

What if I went onto my Twitter account and said, “Gay people should be murdered” because I support traditional marriage. (Just to be clear, I would NEVER suggest that). I’m pretty sure the people on the left would not come running to defend me with the First Amendment like they are with Levites. It would be a hate crime and I guarantee you it would disappear from my Twitter account without my permission. Yet, when Levites says to a young girl and a pastor that they should be murdered, it’s freedom of speech. And no one does anything about it, it’s still on her account 24 hours later. I don’t even think she should be allowed to post things like that online, I don’t think anyone should. It’s a threat, you can try to spin it however you want, it’s still a threatening statement.

Another thing I’d like to point out that should make both Pro-Life and Pro-Choice activists angry is the complete disregard this woman has for the seriousness of abortions. Whether you support it or not, it isn’t something that people typically find humorous. It isn’t something people enjoy. It isn’t scrapbooking. I’ve heard so many stories of woman who have had abortions and struggled with guilt and depression because of it afterwards. They themselves have described it as a “traumatic” and “horrifying” experience. They support abortion being a woman’s choice, but do they find any humor in it at all? None. Some things just should not be turned into a joke. This is one of those things.

Murder is also one of those things. Laura, do you realize murder is an actual thing that does happen daily in our country? It claims the lives of mothers, fathers, daughters, sons, brothers, sisters, friends… It’s a horrible thing, it breaks people, it takes innocent lives for no reason. This is something that really does effect families in a huge way, in a way that I can not even begin to imagine and I doubt you can either. So please, before you wish that upon someone think about what you are saying. Think about the severity of your words. I have completely different views than you do on certain issues, but NEVER would I say that you needed to be murdered. Not even jokingly. That is such an evil thing to say to someone. There are so many jokes you could tell that don’t involve such things. It’s like telling jokes about slavery or the holocaust. Those are real events. Real serious events. Jokes about them are not in the least bit funny.

Levites really made a fool of herself, the democratic party and feminists. I wish someone would come forward from that party or group and say “We do not condone what this woman said, she is an extremist and we do not appreciate her comments!” Or anything along those lines. Unsurprisingly, as of the time that this was written, no one has noticeably done such. I’m convinced that Liberal logic is centered around hate, not tolerance. If any of you would like to prove me wrong, I’d appreciate it. My email is listed or you can talk to me through comments.

That’s all.




11 thoughts on “Dear Liberal Feminists, Please Define Tolerance.

  1. you are SO right….and i agree with everything (every. single. thing.) you said. Laura Levites is a pig… no, actually, i wouldn’t insult the little 4 legged creatures that way. all the filth she spews says a whole lot more about her than about anyone she bashes, insults or tries to demean. she wouldn’t know true tolerance if it bashed her in the face. truly disgusting.

  2. i’m with you… in the words of the princess bride “that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.” (taken out of context from the movie, but the point comes across).

  3. I’m an atheist, a liberal, and I believe in access to contraception and abortion, but I am a man who has suffered the loss of his testicles, so her flippant references to castration in addition to murder, etc, left a bad taste in my mouth. I get that she’s angry about things that have upset her and that perhaps her sense of humor might be a bit dark, but still! Anyway, that’s my rant.

    1. Exactly. You know, I’m sometimes angry about things too. Like Obamacare for example. But I would never say that those who have signed up for the program need to be castrated or killed. We don’t have to agree, but let’s at least respect the value of life.

  4. I had never heard of this woman prior to this issue in the last week. With any luck, she will fade into the background just as quickly as she appeared. I have been struggling to find a way to have meaningful dialog with friends and acquaintances who behave in a similar manner, albeit with much less ferocity. Simply disagreeing on an issue gets one labeled as a bigot, hater, or some half-baked cut down like Tea-Bagger. My concern is that a large constituency of the voting public obtains most of their “information” from headlines and sound bites passed around like a virus rather than taking the time or effort to look into credibility or truthfulness. It’s a double edged sword though. The bionic speed of communications can inform just as fast as it can misinform. It’s up to us to master the inputs we assimilate as our own personal doctrines.

  5. I have a very inconvenient truth for Liberal feminists. I used to BE one. yep, I was the quintessential man hating, democrat voting, liberal policy supporting young woman & as icing on the cake, I was a singer in a rock band, peddling my angry anti-religion & man hating songs. I was lucky, I had a mom who prayed probably daily for me. Fast forward 12 years, I’m married w/ 2 amazing kids, my husband works his butt off so I can stay home full time & loves me to pieces! I sing at church & write songs for my Christian youtube page. I stay in touch w/ many of my L.A. friends. I think they pretty much hate my guts because I am an enigma to them & honestly I’m HAPPY. I have a great life, I don’t hate men now & I have a purpose. Huh, who knew:)

    1. sadly, there is no ‘best practices’ for this. I am a reasonable person with a fairly extensive vocabulary, open minded, willing to listen to other ideas. But, when you are dealing with liberals, you are entering a world where common sense and accountability cease to exist. It’s their way or the highway, it is a tolerance free zone. The only opinions they tolerate are the ones that align w/ theirs or you are a racist, not compassionate, ‘tea bagger’ (I’m a registered libertarian & i still get called this!), fill in the blank with any number of incendiary, nasty, character assaulting labels.

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