It’s me again, Margaret.

(Please tell me that someone out there knows what I’m referencing in my title!) Haha!

LOTS has happened in the months since I’ve last written. Most importantly, I got married & Dustin and I had our baby boy! Born on September 20, at 10:19pm, Archie Reed weighed in at a whopping 9 pounds 2 ounces. It was a long exhausting day and the best one of our lives. Dustin and I are so in love with him. We have truly been blessed!


So yeah, these wonderful things-among some other not so wonderful things-turned my life into an absolute whirlwind for a little while there. Actually, I sometimes still feel like I’m in the middle of one. But that story will come later.

In the near future you can expect: lots of posts about parenthood (my baby peed in my husband’s eye, do these things happen in your home too??), encouraging & uplifting posts, and of course my not so subtle opinions and slightly sarcastic commentary on recent events in our world.

I am so glad to be writing again.

In the meantime, will you all please keep my little family in your prayers? The Lord knows what we’re up against right now. Prayer is powerful!


Enjoy your Tuesday night!


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