Amazing Undeserved Love

In the weeee hours of the morning on September 21st 2014, I sat in my dimly lit hospital room staring at my new baby boy swaddled snuggly in a plastic hospital bassinet. I remember feeling such awe and being in completely humbling amazement at his perfection. I fell so in love that night. I hadn’t slept in almost 24 hours and I wasn’t even the least bit tired; I just could not get enough of this boy! I literally felt like everything in the world was right. I was beaming. Nothing could make me love him less, nothing could change how I felt in that moment, nothing could take away my unconditional love from little Archie from the moment I heard his first wail and held him on my chest. He is mine, he is a perfect gift from above.

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If you’re a parent, I’m sure you are reading this in agreement; reminiscing on the birth of your perfect gift.

I remember in the midst of my elation thinking, “God loves me even more than I love this baby.” What a powerful and humbling thought, but it’s true! He does! God’s love is powerful, unconditional, immense and perfect! You and I, all of us, we are HIS children and He loves us in a powerful and mighty way that we can’t even imagine. If God’s love for me as His child is anything like the love I felt when I first met my baby, then you and I have every reason in the world to rejoice! Too often in today’s world we are made to feel like we just aren’t quite good enough, not skinny enough, not strong enough, not smart enough, not popular enough, not rich enough, not successful enough, not experienced enough… never enough. Sometimes in life it seems like we’re constantly just missing the bar. There is good news, friends: in God’s eyes we are perfect (and He should know because He created us after all)! Don’t ever doubt your perfection in Christ, sisters & brothers. Don’t ever feel like you aren’t loved. You are SO loved, every day of your life.

Again, as I type this I am feeling so humbled by God’s grace and His love for us.

Whatever you are facing today… whatever you are feeling… take a moment to simply acknowledge how He loves you. Perfectly. Deeply. Unconditionally. Undeserved. Full of Grace. Full of Peace. Full of Hope.

God has used A.R. to teach me so much, but how much I am loved has been the biggie for me. God is speaking to me as a mother every day through my son and I am becoming a better listener.

How about you? Have you ever had a moment in life where all of the sudden you truly realized the depth of God’s love? Has God used your children to teach you something? Please do share!

Have a blessed day, friends, and thank you for making me a part of your day!


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