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  1. So perfectly said and I agree with you 100%. I’m so sick of being “politically correct” when it tramples all over our Constitution and our tried and true “way of life”. I appreciate and respect your courage to speak out.


  3. Claire, Well I am just a Papa that believes in the destiny of the next generation that is learning to follow Jesus. Thanks to the Holy Spirit, you are well on your way and your blog is the only one on the subject that I have forwarded to my Facebook page…so thanks and God bless you.

  4. I am so pleased that someone has said what needed to be said. Freedom of speech goes for both sides of a discussion! We have had sin TRY to be rammed down our throats as “change” for so long that many have become complacent about it. YOU GO GIRL!

  5. I am so sorry this happened to your family, however it is bringing
    together Christians and that cannot be a bad thing. Christians need to unite and stand for God! Through you God is making this happen. When was the last time Christians stood together for what is right? Merry Christmas and Happy Birthday Jesus!

  6. Well said!!!!!!!!! I am so proud at this moment to finally have it put in words that the word can’t help but understand…God bless you

  7. I am amazed at every post I read —-Mr. Phil has the right to feel the way he does and so does everyone else—what is sad is that he hides behind religion to feel it—it is BULL—plain and simple —-I have dealt with this type all my life—straight up –being GAY is not a sin –I am CHRISTIAN, God –YES GOD made me just the way I am and I do not need to live a lie for him or society, people kill me with that all famous line –“IT’S WHAT THE BIBLE SAYS”—WHAT BIBLE ???? Every denomination studies a different bible, but I am sure yours is the right one ????? –just like they believe theirs is also—-this is a battle that will never be won completely, only time is gonna change the stooper that breeds this ignorance—and it has—Phil does have the the right to his opinion–so do you –and so do I—he got his digs in and he intended to do just that—but now everyone else should bow to beard face—I think not! I am very offended by those that think they are better than I and yes you and anyone that feels the same as you—-think they are better–one step higher on the totem pole of life, looking downward at people like myself because you are heterosexual and somehow think I am wrong for who I am–it does not excuse you to act as if OH-I can be your best friend –but bottom line BIBLE SAYS YOUR A SINNER—girl you are as confused as Phil is—all I can say is this, God help you and all those ill thinkers and I so hope that God has a corner for you and those that think as you do in heaven away from me. When enough children and grandchildren have been born unto people of your way of thinking –then the world will change–you need to feel it close, your in need of a life lesson of reality darling —its so easy to say someone is wrong or scream sinner until you have to experience the very hurt that this causes, and its of no real importance to you because you and yours it has not affected–be careful my little pretty because God has a way of interceding and teaching lessons— so you may write as many blogs as you want, bottom line is God is working on us all and in time we will gain even more progress as a society just as we already have and as sad as it might be in the end these very type of instances bringing attention to this topic will be what wipes away the ignorance and removes the stains of bad teachings.
    I hope everyone a very Merry Christmas—and thanks Phil your Christianity really showed through in your words ! One tiny piece of advice——- You should have been blowing one of your all famous duck calls instead of your brains out your mouth!

    Everyone have a very Merry Christmas !!!
    Michael Booth

  8. Mr. Robertson did not say he was not a sinner nor did he set out to hurt anyone! I find it hard to understand that if in fact you are a Christian you would ignore the fact he has the right to read and make his decision on what he feels about the Bible. He did not say you did not also have that right. Instead of getting your panties in a bunch shut up and listen to what’s really going on here. You have rights and so does he! If you are gay that is between you and God! But if you ask someone their feelings, they have the Right to be different than you! Your Rudeness only proves to me that when you say we all have rights what you really mean is you have rights and if anyone does not agree they are bad people. HUH your non christian attitude is showing MR. I pray for all involved in this and want to remind all of you the world is watching this. We are to LOVE one another and not judge. How many souls will go to the wrong place because so called christians are fighting like this. Shame on you! Love covers a lot of sin. Man rates sin NOT God! Sin is Sin to God! WE ALL sin. God loves us all and calls us to him through Jesus Christ our Lord. Or did you want to yell at God for not making the story the way you wanted it to come out. If that is true wow I wouldnt want to be you when he calls us home! I pray you get your thoughts together and I will see you in heaven. If you think to continue on this way PLESAE stop taking others with you! For indeed we all will be Judged by God and I am so Thankful because some of the christians really scare me!

  9. Simplicity of biblical teaching while grappling with the same as a social issue…..homosexuality and other sins….not so easy but, very important, no crucial!

    It is simple to site and understand God’s words as to the following….sin=death and redemption=life. Simple, well yes but, please bear with me I promise there is a point here!

    We are born of original sin and ALL are deserving of death (sin=death). But, through God’s mercy, kindness, love and grace…..He makes a way for the debt of sin to be paid. A debt only a perfect sacrifice could fulfill i.e. his perfect son…..Jesus Christ.

    Redemption (redemption=life…the “Good News”) can only be understood if the fallen nature of man and original sin is understood…..and only if our need for redemption is also understood. Regeneration proceeds faith and is wholly a prerogative of God. Our new nature is enabled to please God and yes, our free will and the desire to please him that was totally foreign in our unredeemed state.

    Pleasing God can only be accomplished by knowing him. We can only know him through what he has revealed about himself through nature, the human conscience and especially through the Bible. An inspired, God breathed, revelation written by no less than 40 educated and uneducated men over a period of about 1600 years. Men instrumental in revealing accurately and authoritatively, God’s own thoughts.

    God forbids homosexuality and even calls it an “abomination”….strong language!

    Why if this is truth, and it is, should we even be grappling with an issue such as homosexuality. God says no and yet human flesh is always at war with God. Be not mistaken if one Practices a sin that God has prohibited (i.e. homosexuality) you are Not a Child of God….you will go to Hell and yet at the same time this God that will banish you to the fiery pit is still also a loving God unless, you repent and believe. This is God’s moral law regarding homosexuality for all times and places whether Old or New Testament times or today until eternity.

    But……….God’s gracious salvation is offered to all including gays, straights, gossips, thieves, hypocrites, etc. We as Christians would do well in remembering that WE have been forgiven so much and in doing so, show patience and humility to those who do not know Christ as Savior and King…..being ever so mindful that “while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us” Romans 5:8.

    My purpose in writing this, first ever blog, is to remind my brethren to so shine your light in such a way….words and deeds that the unreached will look at you and say “I want what they have…..and that my friend is the best witness of all.

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